Movietown Water Effect

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Movietown Water Effect
Six Flags Great Adventure
Location Jackson, New Jersey, USA
Status Defunct
Operated 1987 to 2007
Cost $2.3 million
Replaced by Dark Knight
Manufacturer Hopkins
Product Shoot The Chute
Capacity 20 per boat
Hourly capacity 1,800
Height 50 feet
Track length 760 feet

Movietown Water Effect was a Shoot The Chute built by US manufacturer Hopkins that was previously located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, USA.


The attraction first opened in 1987 as Splashwater Falls, following an investment of $2.3 million.[1] With the creation of the Movietown themed area and the opening of Batman The Ride, Splashwater Falls was renamed Movietown Water Effect in 1993.[2]

In the summer of 1997, Movietown Water Effect opened for the season late to accommodate the construction of Batman And Robin: The Chiller, whose station was built over the former queue area for Movietown Water Effect. As a result, a new entrance and a shorter queue line was constructed for the attraction.[1]

The popularity of Movietown Water Effect declined over the years and as a result, in its later years, it was only operated during peak season. For the 2006 season, the splash pool was refurbished, and the station and lift hill mechanisms were refurbished. Despite this, the attraction was removed after the 2007 season, along with the adjacent Batman And Robin: The Chiller. The area was reused for Dark Knight, which opened in 2008.[1]


Immediately following the station was a lift hill with a gradient of 20 degrees which carried the boats to the maximum height of 50 feet. A 180-degree turn followed. The cars then descended a 45 foot drop at an angle of 35-degrees, hitting a pool of water at the bottom and creating a large splash. The boats then continued traveling through the pool before taking a final 180-degree turn which led back to the station.[1]

The elevated section of the attraction was constructed from steel, while the trough was constructed from concrete.[1]


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