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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Blackpool, England, UK




The Thompson Family


42 acres (17 hectares)

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a family owned amusement park located along the Fylde coast in Blackpool, England. The park is a privately funded business and is owned, managed and directed by the Thompson family.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has the most roller coasters of any park in the United Kingdom.

Roller coasters[edit]

Present (10)[edit]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Avalanche Mack Rides Bobsled 1988 Operating
Big Dipper John A. Miller Wooden 1923 Operating
Big One Arrow Dynamics Hyper 1994 Operating
Blue Flyer Unknown Family 1934 Operating
Grand National Charles Paige Racing 1935 Operating
Icon Mack Rides Launched 2018 Under construction
Infusion Vekoma Inverted 2007 Operating
Revolution Arrow Dynamics Shuttle 1979 Operating
Nickelodeon Streak Charles Paige Wooden 1933 Operating
Steeplechase Arrow Dynamics Steeplechase 1977 Operating

Past (10)[edit]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Big Apple Pinfari Family 2003 2004 -
Circus Clown Pinfari Kiddie 1989 2008 Wicksteed Park
Cyclone Pinfari Sit-Down 1974 1987 Frontierland Family Theme Park
Scenic Railway L.A. Thompson Scenic Railway Company Wooden 1907 1933 -
Space Invader 2 Zierer Enclosed 1984 2010 Brean Leisure Park
Switchback Unknown Wooden 1891 1920s -
Tokaydo Express Pinfari Family 1980 1997 Brean Leisure Park
Velvet Coaster William Strickler Wooden 1909 1932 -
Virginia Reel William Strickler Wooden 1922 1982 -
Wild Mouse Unknown Wooden

Wild Mouse

1958 2017 -