Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
amusement park
Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Status Operating
Opened 1896
Owner The Thompson Family
Area 42 acres (17 ha)
General view of Nickelodeon Land in 2019

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a family owned amusement park located along the Fylde coast in Blackpool, England. The park is a privately funded business and is owned, managed and directed by the Thompson family.

History[edit | edit source]

Starting in 2009, the Pleasure Beach introduced an admission charge for guests who had not purchased an unlimited rides wristband. Previously, the park had been free to enter.[1]

Transportation[edit | edit source]

The main entrance is situated beside the Pleasure Beach stop on the Blackpool Tramway and is just over 10 minutes walk from the Blackpool Pleasure Beach railway station on the National Rail network.

Roller coasters[edit | edit source]

Present (10)[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Avalanche Mack Rides Bobsled 1988 Operating
Big Dipper William Strickler Wooden 1923 Operating
Big One Arrow Dynamics Hyper 1994 Operating
Blue Flyer Charles Paige Family 1934 Operating
Grand National Charles Paige Möbius 1935 Operating
Icon Mack Rides Launched 2018 Operating
Infusion Vekoma Inverted 2007 Operating
Nickelodeon Streak Charles Paige Wooden 1933 Operating
Revolution Arrow Dynamics Shuttle 1979 Operating
Steeplechase Arrow Dynamics Triple 1977 Operating

Past (10)[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Big Apple Pinfari Family 2003 2004 Travelling UK
Circus Clown Pinfari Kiddie 1989 2008 Wicksteed Park
Cyclone Pinfari Sit-Down 1974 1987 Frontierland Family Theme Park
Scenic Railway L.A. Thompson Scenic Railway Company Wooden 1907 1933 Scrapped
Space Invader 2 Zierer Enclosed 1984 2010 Brean Leisure Park
Switchback UK Switchback Railways Wooden 1891 1922 Scrapped
Tokaydo Express Pinfari Powered 1980 1997 Brean Leisure Park
Velvet Coaster William Strickler Wooden 1909 1932 Scrapped
Virginia Reel William Strickler Wooden 1922 1982 Scrapped
Wild Mouse Self-built Wooden Wild Mouse 1958 2017 Scrapped

Attractions[edit | edit source]

Operating[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Alice In Wonderland Arrow Dynamics Tracked Dark Ride April 1962
Alpine Rallye Ihle Juvenile Track Ride 1961
Avatar Airbender Zamperla Disk'O April 2011
Backyardigan's Pirate Treasure Mack Rides Sea Storm 1999
Bikini Bottom Bus Tour Zamperla Crazy Bus April 2011
Eddie Stobart Convoy Ride Zamperla Juvenile Track Ride 2002
Derby Racer Self-built Platform Gallopers 1959
Diego's Rainforest Rescue Zamperla Balloon Tower April 2011
Dodgems I.E. Park Dodgems 2010
Dora's World Voyage W.G.H. Transportation Engineering Scenic Boat Ride April 2011
Fairy World Taxi Spin Zamperla Jets April 2011
Gallopers Savage Gallopers 1979
Ghost Train Pretzel Company Tracked Dark Ride 1936
Grand Prix Arrow Dynamics Juvenile Track Ride 1960
Ice Blast S&S Worldwide Drop Tower June 1997
Krusty Krab Order Up Moser Rides Junior Drop Tower 2003
Pleasure Beach Express Charles Paige & Joseph Emberton Miniature Railway 1934
River Caves Lot Morgan Scenic Boat Ride 1905
Red Arrows SkyForce Gerstlauer Sky Fly May 2, 2015
Rugrats' Lost River Self-built Log Flume 1992
Sir Hiram Maxim's Flying Machine Sir Hiram Maxim Flying Machine August 1, 1904
SpongeBob's Splash Battle Mack Rides Twist 'n' Splash April 2011
Thompson Carousel H.P. Jackson Junior Gallopers 1977
Valhalla Intamin Dark Boat Ride June 2000
Wallace & Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic Arrow Dynamics Tracked Dark Ride 1971
Wonder Pets Big Circus Bounce Zamperla Jump Around April 2011

Closed[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Alpine Dodgems A.P.E. Dodgems 2000 2006 Unknown
Ben Hur HUSS Ben Hur 1983 1988 Relocated to American Adventure Theme Park
Big Wheel Eli Bridge Company Ferris Wheel 1936 1983 Travelling UK
Big Wheel Eli Bridge Company Ferris Wheel 1938 1983 Travelling UK
Black Hole H.P. Jackson Waltzer 1987 2005 Scrapped
Bling Zierer Star Shape June 2004 2011 Relocated to Skyline Park
Bobslay Sobema Superbob 1982 1982 Relocated to Coney Beach Pleasure Park
Bridgestone Go-Karts Formula K Go-Karts 1996 2016 Scrapped
Cableway Von Roll Cablecars 1960 2000 Scrapped
Calypso Lang Wheels Calypso 1965 1981 Scrapped
Carousel George W. Long Gallopers 1896 1911 Unknown
Caterpillar Unknown Caterpillar 1927 1930 Unknown
Caterpillar Unknown Caterpillar 1976 1979 Relocated to Morecambe Pleasure Beach
Dive Bomber Lusse Roll-O-Plane 1939 1960 Relocated to Morecambe Pleasure Beach
Drench Falls Arrow Dynamics Log Flume 1967 2006 Scrapped
Egg Scrambler Eli Bridge Company Twist 1981 1996 Relocated to Southport Pleasureland
Fliegender Teppich Zierer Flying Carpet 1982 1984 Travelling Belgium
Flying Elephants I.E. Park Jets Unknown 1998 Relocated to Southport Pleasureland
Ghost Train Pretzel Company Tracked Dark Ride 1930 1935 Scrapped
Grand Prix Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve 1980 1982 Unknown
Greatest Show On Earth Self-built Tracked Dark Ride 1978 c.1998 Scrapped
Helter Skelter World's Manufacturing Company Slip/Helter Skelter 1905 Unknown Unknown
Hurricane Jets Lang Wheels Jets 1957 1976 Relocated to Manning's Amusement Park
Magic Mountain Unknown Tracked Dark Ride 1932 2010 Scrapped
Millennium Bug Hrubetz Round-Up 1969 2003 Relocated to Southport Pleasureland
Monorail Maschinenfabrik Habegger Monorail 1966 2012 Scrapped
Monster Eyerley Aircraft Company Polyp 1968 1995 Sold (not used) - scrapped
Moonrocket R.J. Lakin / Maxwell Moonrocket June 1950 1954 Relocated to Southport Pleasureland
Octopus Lusse Octopus 1939 1956 Travelling UK
Orbiter Tivoli Manufacturing Orbiter 1977 1983 Travelling UK
Paratrooper AMECO Upright Paratrooper July 1960 1971 Travelling UK
Phantom Chase Reverchon Matterhorn March 1982 1988 Relocated to Butlin's Minehead
Rainbow HUSS Rainbow 1987 1990 Relocated to Southport Pleasureland
Rainbow Wheel Unknown Rainbow Wheel 1912 1935 Scrapped
Ranger HUSS Ranger 1983 1986 Unknown
Rock-O-Plane Eyerley Aircraft Company Rock-O-Plane 1980 1983 Relocated to Morecambe Pleasure Beach
Satellite Turnagain Trabant 1978 1980 Travelling UK
Scat Fairplace Scat 1978 1980 Relocated to Morecambe Pleasure Beach
Sidewinder Eyerley Aircraft Company Roll-O-Plane August 1981 1983 Relocated to Codona's Amusement Park
Ski Jump Mack Rides Flying Coaster 1965 1971 Relocated to Blackpool Central Station
Sky Wheels Samuel Butler Sky Wheels 1953 1964 Relocated to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
Skydiver Harry Steer Engineering Lifting Paratrooper 1981 1986 Travelling UK
Space Tower Intamin Observation Tower May 1975 1993 Relocated to Frontierland Family Theme Park
Spin Doctor Fabbri Booster August 2002 2006 Exported United Arab Emirates
Spin Doctor Fabbri Booster August 2002 2006 Exported Bulgaria
Starship Enteprise HUSS Enterprise April 1980 1986 Relocated to Flamingo Land
Super Bowl I.E. Park / Supercar Dodgems 1929 2009 Scrapped / cars to Dodgems
Tetley Tea Cup Ride Philadelphia Toboggan Company Crazy Daisy 1962 2016 Scrapped
Tidal Wave HUSS Pirate Ship March 1980 1996 Relocated to Southport Pleasureland
Tom Sawyer Raft Ride Intamin Tow Boat Ride 1973 1992 Scrapped
Trauma Towers Soriani & Moser Tagada 1987 2009 Travelling UK
Turtle Chase Traver Engineering Company Tumble Bug 1935 2004 Scrapped
Vikingar Leslie Joseph Water Chute September 1979 2003 Scrapped
Vintage Cars Unknown Juvenile Track Ride 1980 2001 Scrapped
Whip W.F. Mangels Whip 1921 2000s Stored - scrapped

References[edit | edit source]